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About this project:

Piorun Image Mounter is a command-line frontend to (u)mount. Piorun stores a list of disk images, and can mount using either sudo or su.
Piorun is written in Python and is licensed under the GNU GPL v3.0 (or at your choice) any later version.


Please send any queries about this project, including patches, enhancement and bugfix requests to:
piorun (dot) 20 (dot) kyoo (at) xoxy (dot) net

To Do:

(In no particular order)
- Enable a person to say:
"piorun-text mount 1"
instead of:
mount 1
- Qt4 interface
- allow (u)mounting from, minimizing to, the system tray


Piorun, text/CLI version

Piorun, Qt preview

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